Who We Are

Old House PhotoConstructed in 1884 as the private residence of industrialist Joseph Seltzer, his wife, and four children, 168 West Main Street has stood the test of time as a showplace in the Shelby community. In 1932, after the Seltzers passed away, Charles Dye moved his one year old funeral business to the Seltzer home from his downtown Shelby location.  The home has been in continuous operation as a funeral home since that time. Charlie and his wife Lucie were devoted to the people of Shelby offering not only funeral services, but ambulance services as well. Just as we continue today to answer our phones 24/7 365 days a year to provide care to local families, so too did Charlie and Lucie. However, since this was long before the time of cell phones, the Dye family had to work together revolving their lives around their family business. The two were dedicated to those who were in need of their services. Upon Charlie and Lucie’s retirement, they sold the funeral home and it changed hands twice until 1984 when Bob and Catherine Turner, a young 29 and 27 year old couple, who were starting their family, purchased the funeral home changing the name to Turner Funeral Home.

Charlie and Lucie Dye died very shortly after Bob and Catherine acquired the business. However, the Turners have always felt thatThe Turner Family their lives paralleled their predecessors. Charlie and Lucie served their community with pride and compassion over several generations- a philosophy Bob and Catherine have carried on since 1984. The Turners live at the funeral home and raised their children there, just as the Dyes did. Although technology has advanced, allowing the Turners to leave the building and still answer the phones, what did not change was the family revolving their life around the business. Their dedication to families served continues.

Bob and Catherine spent many years restoring the beautiful Seltzer home to its historic and stunning beauty. From the entire funeral home, to their private residence, the entire building has been restored by the sweat equity of the Turners. They take pride in the numerous compliments received on their building as it was such a large part of their dedication to their families- providing a space that had compassionate care with all the comforts of home.  In 2001, the Turners decided the community deserved additional comfortable space for their time of need and added a 2,000 square foot addition and more than doubled their parking. Their true pride comes when people ask what the large space originally was when it was a private residence, as it was architecturally connected to the building just as if it was always there. The goal of the expansion has been successful.

Jake First Day- 2004 (With Bob) - CopyIn 2004, Jacob Penwell joined the Turner team as a young incoming freshman to high school- a welcome addition to the staff. The bond between Jake, Bob and Catherine is beyond that of a normal work relationship as the three have become a family of their own. After much mentoring, Jake was at the point of going to college to become a funeral director and embalmer, and he did just that. In early 2013, Jake received his funeral directors and embalmers license. It is with much conviction and dedication that Bob, Catherine, and Jake continue to serve Shelby through the generations to come. Bob and Catherine are very proud of Jake and all of his accomplishments. His rapport with families is outstanding- second to none. It is with the pride that Bob and Catherine will pass the torch to Jake, insuring that the fine traditions of caring funeral service will be provided in the future as it has been in the past.