Throughout our lives we all take the time to plan ahead.  We set goals and work to reach them.  We plan weddings a year out so that when the big day comes the event goes just as planned.  We get our affairs in order and enjoy relief once it is all complete.  Just as we plan many family events like birthdays, baptisms, weddings and other celebrations, there also comes a time when people see the need to make plans for what will happen at the time of their death.  There are many things that you can do on your own to help you and your family become better organized.  There are also things that we can help you prepare for.  Planning ahead does not just include planning your funeral.  It also includes getting all necessary affairs in order and notifying the appropriate people of the actions that need to take place at the time of your death, thus relieving your family of these stresses.  Take the time to view our pre-planning checklist to see how you can start planning ahead today.